Q.What are my BEEP treatment options?

A. A consultation will determine which of your skin concerns the BEEP treatments need to target. You will be prescribed a skin type and condition specific set of BE Dermal Infusion Sprays from the following.

Plump and Hydrate - face and body and hands (to smooth, hydrate and transform dry aging skin)

Pigment and Brighten - face and body and hands (for hyper pigmentation and dull, uneven skin tone)

Firm and Contour - face and body (to lift, tighten, firm and flatter your profile)

Relax and Fill– face only (to relax facial expression lines and soften their surface wrinkles)

Remove and Blend- body only (to reduce the appearance of pink or purple stretch marks & scars)

Smooth and Tone- body only (to augment your cellulite reduction regime)

Reactivate and Rewind - face and hands only (with Telomerase Activator) TBAL


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