What is a natural skincare range?*

The reality is, there is no global definition or universal set of parameters for the use of the word "natural" in skincare products. At BE we have attempted to make products that use the highest possible % of natural molecules and compounds, harvested in the least destructive or questionable way. We believe that in an increasingly more deceptive labelling and marketing environment, we can claim the high moral ground with our clear label disclosure and continuing ethical use of the term "natural" for all our BE products. But let's be clear about effective broad spectrum preservatives, some hi tech performance actives and some actives that nature can only be effective as ingredients through a manufacturing extraction process. No matter how they mimic nature, we are not claiming that the small %'s of these ingredients used by BE are natural, but have selected only those that satisfied our commitment to safety and ethics for their inclusion in our natural products. In particular, it is our view and supported by science, that there is NO effective broad spectrum, safely predictable "natural" preservative. Forget the exaggerated claims of efficacy about combinations of essential oils or seed extracts and the even more deceptive "no preservatives added BUT.. we use a fragrance misnomer". BE simply won't experiment on it's customers with "natural fad possibilities" when it comes to preservatives. All BE products are preserved with what we believe is the safest known preservative system in the world today, a commercial product listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, used at concentrations of up to only .05%. These extremely low concentrations are made possible through our "State of the Art" airless dispensing packaging and enhanced product processing. Just as we tell you on every label what we don't put in, we also meticulously show you what we do.