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Q. What makes a BEEP treatment the world’s most advanced?

A. No other non-invasive treatment can infuse up to 10 times the specific actives in one treatment.

Q.What can I expect in a BEEP treatment?

A. Your BE Certified Therapist will do a consultation to determine which of your skin concerns the BEEP treatments need to target and in what order. You will then be prescribed a set of BE Dermal Infusion Sprays to be used in your BEEP treatments and you can then look forward to a 1 hour or 30min BEEP treatment.

Q.What are my BEEP treatment options?

A. Your consultation will determine which of your skin concerns the BEEP treatments need to target and you will be prescribed a skin type and condition specific set of BE Dermal Infusion Sprays.

Q.What is a Botanical Extracts ElectroPoration (BEEP) treatment?

A. Salon/clinic only treatments of high concentration non ionic advanced actives that are topically applied through a patented deep delivery system.

Q.What are the BE active ingredient complexes used in BEEP treatments?

A. BE trademarked active ingredient complexes are unique and include professional only exclusive ingredients. Each is individually buffered in the BE bound nano delivery system, for safe, chelated release.

Q.How does BEEP equipment work?

A. By applying an alternating wave of energy to the skin, it temporarily opens micro channels in the cells and aquaporins between them to the deepest levels, thus allowing greater ability to absorb skincare actives.

Q. What else could this process be likened to?

A. Let’s use an analogy to discuss the skin and it’s absorption of fluids.

Q.Is it a bit like other machine delivered skincare treatments?

A. NO. It has significant advantages over Ultrasound, Sonophoresis, Galvanic / Iontophoresis, Mesotherapy

Q. What are the advantages that make BEEP treatments different?

A. Comparative cellular absorption, depth, speed and control of delivery of complex yet atomically whole actives, in a non invasive, non cellular destructive or skin irritating treatment.

Q.What conditions respond to BEEP treatments?

A. Your BE Certified Therapist is trained to prescribe a course of BEEP treatments that address your specific skin needs.

Q.What conditions can’t have BEEP treatments?

A. The BEEP Client Consent Form must be signed to confirm your current medical condition does not include listed contraindications.

Q.What equipment procedures will I experience in a BEEP treatment?

A. During the BEEP treatment you will be relaxed and may even doze off while your BE Therapist performs a specific set of movements over the target area with the BEEP applicator (wand).

Q.Can I use Beep Equipment with Other brands of skin care?

A. Yes, but at lower power setting to limit the level of penetration of other brands of products, where preservative systems and other ingredient nasties may be a concern.