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Botanical Extracts Treatments

Botanical Extracts is a professional only range, therefore it should come as no surprise that treatments are our specialty. Our team have designed Salon and Spa treatments for all the major 5 Star International Resort Hotels around the world for the nearly a decade. Not only have they trained all the staff to highest possible international standards, but in all locations the Botanical Extracts Products have been the backbone of their natural skincare menu.

Formulated without the Nasties, Botanical extracts has combined the latest plant derived active complexes with proven science from European laboratories and the highest quality of Essential Oils for every individuals best personal skin results and wholistic wellbeing.

Allow us to reawaken your senses and transport you to another level of relaxation during an of our Botanical Extracts treatments, each designed for the best long term outcome for your particular skin type and condition and your overall personal well being.

And now, the world’s most advanced skin car treatments are available through the patented Botanical Extracts ElectroPoration (BEEP) delivery system with those professionally only available BE Dermal Infusion Sprays.

DyNAmic Repair BEEP Treatment 1 Hr*

The Botanical Extracts Dynamic Repair Treatment utilising the unique BEEP delivery system to infuse up to 10 times the concentrations of actives compared to even the most advanced hand applied serums. Nothing propels you towards your best most youthful looking outcomes as quickly and decisively as this treatment. Your therapist will determine your specific needs and choose one of our 7 Dermal Infusion Sprays to infuse with the BE ElecroPoration wave after a gentle Enzyme Exfoliation. The Treatment will be completed with a specialised massage, a cooling and firming Alginate Mask and a nourishing moisturiser to seal in the results. In 1 hr your skin will feel refreshed, invigorated and plump and be on its way to ultimate change for optimum skin health. This is a non invasive, pain free, revolution for the Beauty Industry.

Botanical Extracts Signature Treatment 1 hr*

This therapeutic facial has been designed to deliver the best results for your skin as well as taking you on a sensory journey, leaving you relaxed and renewed. The Botanical Extracts signature Facial is customised to suit all your personal skin care needs and concerns.

Botanical Extracts Advanced Age Management Treatment 1hr 30min*

Forget Botox! Indulge yourself in the ultimate of all Facial Treatments. This advanced, luxurious, anti aging skin care treatment uses advanced powerful plumping and lifting ingredients that helps firm and tone the skin, minimising fine lines and wrinkles. Includes a massage, a specialised mask and a serum application.

Botanical Extracts Brightening Facial 1hr*

This enriching facial treatment is designed to lighten and brighten the skin. Fantastic for dull devitalised skins that are concerned with pigmentation and discolouration on the skin. The Brightening Facial Treatment utilises natural plant lightening extracts that will make the skin look luminous and smooth.

Botanical Extracts HydroMax Facial For Men 1hr*

A super Hydrating facial designed without the fuss for any discerning male wanting the best for his skin and wellbeing. It will target men’s skin care needs such as ingrown hairs, congestion and irritation from shaving. Includes a 20 minute back treatment and massage for maximum stress relief as well as skin results.

The Botanical Extracts Rapid 45mins*

Designed for people on the go, who don’t have the luxury of time, but are still serious about their skin. Your therapist will prescribe a personalise treatment according to your skincare needs.

Botanical Extracts Firming Eye Treatment 45mins*
(or can be added to any treatment)

This treatment has been designed to focus on the eyes area to plump hydrate and refine. The eye treatment utilises enzymes and botanical complexes to restructure the skin around the eyes leaving it soft and smooth.

Botanical Extracts Thermal Mask 45mins*
(or can be added to any skincare treatment)

This mask is used to achieve deeper infusion of active ingredients, simultaneously increasing circulation, healing, repair and promoting lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and improving skin tone and the appearance of fine lines. Especially beneficial for the Eye Area.


Bliss Stone 1 hour 30mins*

This Hot Stone Massage offers the ultimate in relaxation, bringing the body into a profound sense of balance and peace. This treatment is balancing not only to the physical body, but settling to the mind, emotions and spirit. The entire body is massaged using smooth, heated basalt stones combined with custom blended oils that will enhance the balancing benefits even further. Benefits include an increase in energy, a decrease in stress and a greater sense of inner peace. Hot Stone treatments have been said to be 10 times more powerful than an ordinary body massage.

Indian Head Massage with Botanical Extracts 1 hour or 45 mins*

The focus of this ancient technique is the upper back, shoulders, neck, face and head. Customized oils are applied to the head to be absorbed via the hair roots deep into the scalp, dispersing neck, shoulder and upper back tension, relaxing the scalp and promoting blood flow and soothing the whole nervous system giving you a sense of inner focus and wellbeing.

Eye Treatment*

This treatment has been designed to focus on the eye area to plump, hydrate, refine and refresh. The eye treatment utilises enzymes and botanical complexes to restructure the skin around the eyes leaving it soft and smooth, followed by an alginate mask to help infuse the active ingredients, while cooling the eye area and reducing puffiness where required. The eye area will feel and look regenerated and refreshed.

Botanical Extracts Alginate Mask (This may be added to any Skincare Treatment)*

A treatment mask suitable for clients with a sensitive skin, acne inflammation or swelling. This cooling and calming will reduce redness, discomfort and fluid retention, leaving your skin looking and feeling firmer, plumper and refreshed.

* These treatments may be customised further from one salon to another.