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What is Botanical Extracts Non-Inclusion Policy?

Botanical Extracts Non-Inclusion Policy excludes all of the following 'Nasties', going right back to the raw ingredient supplier to ensure that none of the processes, preservative systems of the base ingredients have been contaminated with any of the following:

Ø Parabens- an antiquated system of cheap preservatives that studies have linked with cosmetics to breast cancer tissue
Ø Sulphates / Sulfanates, etc - may cause skin sensitivity and impair the skin barrier functions
Ø MITs- thought to be allergenic and cytotoxic, linked to nerve cell death
Ø Artificial Fragrances - may cause allergies, do cause sensitivity and photosensitivity and are really just a cheap, uneducated alternative to the science of aromatherapy
Ø Artificial Colours - research suggests that they are comedogenic and sensitising and only add beauty to the appearance of the product
Ø Lanolin / Derivatives - may contain pesticides, which are irritating to the pilosebaceous unit and are an animal by-product
Ø SD Alcohol - will cause sensitivity
Ø Isopropyl Myristate - may cause over stimulation of sebaceous glands
Ø Formaldehyde- accepted as a human carcinogen and drying to the skin
Ø Diazolidinyl Urea - a serious formaldehyde donor and animal by-product
Ø Coal Tars, Mineral oil - occlusive on the skin and studies have shown these to be carcinogenic
Ø Animal derived / by-products - unacceptable to many religious practices, and science has now shown them not to be as clean, effective or necessary as plant derived ingredients
Ø Testing on animals - Unacceptable to the conscience of most humans

Click here for more details on these excluded ingredients

What is the Transitional Phase?

Some users may find that their skin takes a short time to adapt to a range that excludes occlusive and chemical ingredients that are used in many other ranges to purely give a product 'skin feel', but have no skin benefit. The transitional phase is a process whereby the skin undergoes changes as it adapts to the products, and specifically to the non-inclusion policy. As the skin no longer has an occlusive film over it, there is no barrier to prevent the products availability to assist the skin's own function. Clients can expect the transitional phase to last from 4 to 5 weeks and can present in the following:

Adjustment / Change
Breakouts (papules / pustules), often related to old congestion
Dryness just after moisturising due to the lack of occlusive ingredients

It is important to persist through this phase, as the results will be a more healthy functioning skin that is natural and glowing. It is the ultimate aim of using products that strive to remove the ingestion of 'Nasties', to restore the skin's own healthy function. This is a process that will require a little time to reverse any previous unnatural mega dosing of the skin with unprecedented concentrations of chemicals. The 'less is more' philosophy will restore the healthy performance of the skin's own renewal mechanism, by making real nourishment and protection available while removing unnatural exposure to formulation 'Nasties'.

The Botanical Extracts philosophy will give you healthier, younger looking skin for much longer, without accelerating the ageing process.

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