No Nasties

Botanical Extracts (BE) is a natural skincare range* that combines the latest proven science from European laboratories with herbal extracts and pure essential oils. BE utilises orchestral plant formula design within its range, meaning many natural molecules working in synergy or concert with one another for optimum performance. BE was the originator of the 'NO NASTIES'standard, a plain english guarantee where 'NO' means 'NO'. Since 2005, this non inclusion policy has appeared in its entirety on every BE product formulated to protect the consumer from a very complete list of commonly used, unsafe chemicals and questionable processing. There's none of those deceptive fine print exceptions that hide behind the euphemistic logo of so many current claims and "organic" certification.

With the Botanical Extracts 'NO NASTIES' standard, 'NO' means 'NO'.

Botanical Extracts doesn't accelerate the renewal of skin cells using AHA, BHA, Kojic or any other acids. The BE philosophy provides for long term skin health by promoting cell nutrition, cell protection and, what we believe is the key to ageless beauty, cell longevity. Unlike all other ranges, the BE approach focuses on cell longevity, as anything that promotes premature skin cell renewal is actually accelerating the aging process. Known as the 'Hayflick Limit' and repeatedly proven since 1961, it is irrefutable scientific fact that all human cells can only reproduce about 50 times, and then they disappear. In the case of the dermis and epidermis this results in a thinning of the skin as we get older. This is the 'Clock of Life'. At BE we have real solutions to change the outcome of your clock of life.

Sourced from around the world, these include pure (non keyed) essential oils, herbal extracts in proven effective concentrations, the latest plant derived and non-harmful hi tech actives, quality vegetable oils and waxes, vitamins to nourish and protect, with grades that include organically certified, food safe and therapeutic and always pure. Of course, it is the ingredients that BE excludes, that keeps you safe from the 'NASTIES'.

Next generation highly active and innovative products are combined to work synergistically within the range. From the new Regenerators to Treatment Moisturisers, Target Serums and Advanced Prescriptives, they all work together in the BE Prescriptive Range. These products are formulated to be complete bio-active products, with the latest in powerful plumping ingredients (bio-chemistry component), lifting peptides (bio-mechanical component), neurotransmitter blockers (bio-electrical component), herbal extracts (bio-protective component) and pure essential oils (bio-nutritional component) to offer the results you would expect from your next skincare range.

Although active and results orientated, these products adhere to the integrity of the 'NO NASTIES' policy that decisively differentiates the BE range. This makes Botanical Extracts your bio-logical choice.

What is ... natural skincare range?*

Prescription Only
Botanical Extracts is not available from supermarkets, health food stores, pharmacies or department stores as none of these outlets are able to offer you a professional skin diagnosis and results-orientated prescription, ensuring that you use the correct product for your skin type and condition for optimum skin health results.

Botanical Extracts is a fully professional range, which is only available through BE Certified Professional Beauty Salons, Spas, Clinics and for 24/7 convenience, online through the web presence of those outlets @ (after a prescription has been provided for your skin type and condition). Your trained and certified BE Beauty Therapist or Spa Professional is the only one who can give you a truly professional analysis and managed prescription for home care products to continue your skin's rejuvenation and path towards optimum health.

Global Position
In just 10 years, BE has established a proven international track record of performance, being sought after by markets in over a dozen locations around the world. The Pacific, the Middle East, China, throughout Asia, the Americas and now available in Europe. Want some, but don't know where to get it, contact us.