Q. What are the advantages that make BEEP treatment different?

A. Comparative cellular absorption, depth, speed and control of delivery of complex yet atomically whole actives, in a non invasive, non cellular destructive or skin irritating treatment.

• Non ionic and a-thermal waves, so there is no temperature agitation of the skin.

• No electric inducement with the client, eliminating the possibility of chemical burns, muscle fasciculation, pain and swelling.

• No galvanic effect or muscle stimulation.

• Non invasive and painless

• There is no use of return electrode (neutral plate), avoiding the risk of a wrong application technique.

• There is no ionization of the transported molecular substances.

• It can be used on prosthesis.

• There is no need for a conducting gel.

• It can introduce non ionic, lipophilic and hydrophilic substances in both macro and molecular form.

• The hydro lipid products’ introduction speed is 1g every 60 and 90 seconds.

• The BEEP system has certified training for easy and practical treatments with foolproof results.

• Ingredient penetration has been measured at up to 3.5mm, where it can have an effect on the mother cells of the skin provides an immediate change to the visible look of long lasting treatment outcome.

• Provides an immediate change to the visible appearance of the skin and long lasting treatment outcome.

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