Q. Can I use Beep equipment with other brands of skin care?

A. Yes, but at lower power setting to limit the level of penetration of other brands of products, where preservative systems and other ingredient nasties may be a concern.

Beep Equipment can be used to infuse other brands of “Transdermal” and low molecular sized serum type products with far greater penetration success than Sonopheresis, Galvanic / Iontopheresis and without their inherent negative skin conditions.

However, BEEP should be used at much lower power settings than for the BEEP treatments with the BE Dermal Infusion Sprays because of any uncertainties about preservative systems and free acids used in other brands. By using a lower power setting, the infusion levels are reset above the deeper levels, limiting other brands’ ingredient concerns.

Beep can also be used when other brands of home care products are being applied, but at half the lower power settings to again limit penetration for the same reasons.

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