Q. How does BEEP equipment work ?

A. By applying an alternating wave of energy to the skin, it temporarily opens micro pores in the cells and aquaporins between them to the deepest levels, thus allowing greater ability to absorb skincare actives.

BE ElectroPoration is a phenomenon that occurs within the cellular membranes while applying pulsed, modulated, non thermal and non-ionized electromagnetic waves (EMW), produced within the application wand. These EMW’s produce an alteration of the cellular membrane potential. This alteration provokes a biological “moment”, causing pore formation and the momentary opening of its protein channels, which will enable BE Dermal Infusion SprayTM products to enter the cells. The pores are temporary aqueous channels that enable the passage of introduced molecules. This kind of pore allows the entry of neutral charged products and macromolecules. With the application of the BE ElectroPoration wave, a cellular realignment also occurs that creates little channels (aquaporins) that increase the skin’s permeability.

BE ElectroPoration similtaneously provokes both the creation of aquaporins and permeability modification in the skin cells which facilitates the absorption of BE Dermal Infusion SpraysTM to the deepest levels of the skin.

This kind of phenomenon known as “electroporation” is only temporary because the applied wave is pulsed and not constant, so the cell returns to its normal state once the wave moves on. It is an ON-OFF mechanism.

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