Q. Is it a bit like other machine delivered skincare treatments?

A. NO. It has significant advantages over treatments using Ultrasound, Sonophoresis, Galvanic / Iontophoresis and Mesotherapy

Ultrasound and Sonopheresis both rely upon agitating the surface cells of the epidermis to facilitate a relatively limited increase in the absorption of topically applied skincare formulas. Even with a conventional exfoliation, the depth of delivery is limited by the amount of heat that agitating the cells will allow. In comparison, BE ElectroPoration has two increased ways for formula penetration. 1. Trans-cellular: through the cellular membrane’s permeability increase. 2. Interstitial: through the lipids of the intercellular space. This is probably the most important among the medical-aesthetic applications of this technology, since it allows the passage of substances through the epidermis. QUOTE: It is believed that pores created in the surface layers of the skin are directly responsible for the increase of the cutaneous permeability (Weaver et al 1999).

Galvanic / Iontophoresis procedures, in order to avoid skin’s pH changes, require two steps. During the first stage, negative ions are introduced into the skin; during the second, polarity is reversed and positive ions are introduced. Classic Galvanic (without Nano technology), in fact any type of Iontophoresis cannot introduce neutral substances and the only way to absorb them is through pre-existing skin pores such as sweat, oil glands or hair follicles. At the end of the procedure, the skin’s pH should end up being balanced, but small pH changes occur during treatment, causing skin irritation. Hence, a proper exfoliation can’t be undertaken before either a Galvanic / Iontophoresis procedure, but everyone knows the removal of the dead horny layer allows far better product absorption. BE ElectroPoration provides a continuous wave with reversing polarity that induces products to a far greater depth than using a similar treatment procedure with Galvanic / Iontophoresis but here’s the big difference: There is no molecular ionization of the transported substances (a by-product of which may lead to atomic instability and molecular bonding in an undesirable way in the skin) and the BEEP system can be used for all formulations, non ionic or lipid.

Without temporary changes to the pH, the BEEP treatment enables the prior use of the patented BE Enzyme Exfoliation in the treatment, improving the initial penetration and final absorption of the product. The removal of the skin’s dead horny layer allows treatment to a standardized thickness, enhancing the product’s dosage repeatability, concentration consistency and ingredient efficacy. Furthermore, BEEP can introduce micro and macro-molecules such as liposomes in a trans-dermal way. This allows sizes even over 800.000 Dalton such as sodium hyaluronate, liposomes or elastin, or 500.000 Dalton such as collagen, without any modification of the solutions’ pH and without harming either tissue or cells, solving a problem that Galvanic / Iontophoresis treatments cannot solve.

Mesotherapy is invasive, increasingly painful with use, requires post treatment wound healing, is prone to significant infection risks and is unable to provide the wider distribution of actives that BE ElectorPoration offers. Until now it was the only process that provided the depth of delivery that some conditions required. BE ElectroPoration offers the localized absorption of the BE Dermal Infusion Spray for each specific condition in a way that can be administered over a significantly larger area. Importantly, unlike other techniques of percutaneous introduction, it lacks the adverse effects that may appear through a systemic administration of such products and it doesn’t produce wounds that will require healing.

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