Q. What else could this process be likened to?

A. Let’s use an analogy to discuss the skin and it’s absorption of fluids

Let’s suppose that we want to pass liquid through a set of venetian blinds. If all the slats are tightly placed one beside the other, we might get some permeability, but not much penetration. (This is what happens when we wash our skin or just hand apply a lotion or cream to the skin) If we were to agitate the slats, (as with a conventional treatment of Ultrasound, Sonophoresis or Galvanic / Iontophoresis techniques), little spaces will inevitably appear between the slats, then a little more liquid can pass through. However, if we can make the slats rotate on their axis, then there is a significant increase in the amount of liquid that can pass through. Something similar happens to the skin with the BE ElectroPoration wave. It achieves a continuous realignment with the creation of new pores and channels (aquaporins) while the wave is present.

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